“Thus the salient characteristic is that the Legionary approaches his work of study from the angle of devotion rather than as an intellectual exercise.” (Handbook of the Legion of Mary)

Study is an integral part of our weekly praesidium meeting. Under the guidance of our spiritual director we have worked through a number of helpful resources.

Frank Duff, Founder of the Legion of Mary

A very good basic introduction to the life of Frank Duff written by a priest who was a close personal friend of his.  Highly recommended for new Legionaries.

The Man Called Montfort

This is a very accessible and engaging treatment of the life of St. Louis de Montfort whom our Handbook recognizes as the Tutor of the Legion of Mary. An excellent resource for those who wish to understand the root of the Legion’s spirituality and mission.

Seven Words of Jesus and Mary - Lessons from Cana and Calvary

A classic from Fulton Sheen that brilliantly expresses deep spiritual truth in plain language and offers a number of practical points to aid in one’s spiritual growth. An excellent resource for any season, but especially for Lenten spiritual reading.

Miracles on TapThe Rosary of Our Lady