Weekly Meeting January 17, 2018

During the 204th meeting of the Regina Cordium praesidium which was held at The Montfort Spiritual Center of Bay Shore, NY; The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary were prayed.  The Spiritual reading was taken from the Handbook page 52-53, chapter 9 titled:  The Legionary and The Mystical Body of Christ part 1 titled:  Legionary Service is Based on this Doctrine (paragraph 3 to end).  The Allocutio was read by Mary from Theology of The Apostolate of The Legion of Mary by Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens page 51-53 titled:  Courage in the Face of the Impossible.  As Cardinal Suenens continues, he tells us that no matter how futile we may feel our efforts are, we must make a gesture in the direction aimed at.  This gesture is called symbolic action.  An example of symbolic action would be the boy’s offering of 5 loaves and two fishes as is mentioned in the Gospel.  This is a magnificent act of faith.  We must first act, then prepare ourselves for the struggle, and then seize the smallest chance of success!  If we truly believe we can accomplish the impossible, our union with Mary will lead us to success beyond our hopes.  Let us always remember that our work is saving souls and each one is special in the eyes of God.  The Handbook assignment is chapter 9 page 54-55 up to Paragraph 2 part 2 titled:  Mary and The Mystical Body.  Our next meeting will be January 24, 2018 at 7PM.