Weekly Meeting October 4, 2017

During the 190th meeting of the Regina Cordium praesidium which took place at The Montfort Spiritual Center of Bay Shore, NY; the Sorrowful Mysteries were prayed.  The Spiritual reading was taken from the Handbook page 29-30 Chapter 6 titled:  The Duty of Legionaries Towards Mary part 2 paragraphs 6-8.  The Allocutio was read by Mary from The Theology of the Apostolate of The Legion of Mary by Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens page 35-36 titled:  Union with Mary and the Will of God and Union with Mary and the Holiness of God.  Cardinal Suenens tells us that it is God’s will that we should love Mary.  We must learn to love the will of God in itself and for its own sake.  We know that God communicates himself with us through Mary for our will to unite with His which directs our attitude and love.  To love means to desire to love.  This very statement protects our love and keeps it constant in times of psychological and emotional stress.  God’s  holiness is so great that we should ceaselessly become more humble.  The practice of Marian mediation shows us ever more clearly, our own impurity and God’s majesty.  We are ever conscious of the clumsiness of our prayers and the discordant nature of our praise to Him.  Therefore, we must turn to Mary and she will purify our prayers and be the harp which accompanies our songs of praise!!  The Handbook assignment is to read Chapter 6 page 31-32 part 3 paragraphs 1-4.  Our Study assignment is from Living Total Consecration by Father Hugh Gillespie page 11-20.  Our next meeting will be October 11, 2017 at 7PM.