Feast Day Celebration – Marian Hymns

An Evening of Marian Hymns and Chants

Theresa Bissex, Theresa Santos, and Nora Goodman

In celebration of the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady (Sept. 8) and in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows (Sept. 15), the Regina Cordium Praesidium hosted an evening of Marian hymns and chants.  The music was presented Sept. 15th in the chapel at the Montfort Spiritual Center in Bay Shore, NY, to a limited gathering of resident clergy, Praesidium members, their families, and friends of the Praesidium.  Regina Cordium invited three young women:  Theresa Santos, Theresa Bissex, and Nora Goodman, to share their beautiful vocal and instrumental gifts.

The trio selected several Marian pieces taken from the Catholic Church’s rich, unique music tradition.  The origin of each selection was explained briefly.  Translations were provided so that those listening could assist in honoring Jesus by honoring His Blessed Mother in the lifting of their minds and hearts upward.  Among the hymns and chants the young women sang, both in unison and in harmonies, were Salve Regina; Ave Maris Stella; O Queen of the Holy Rosary; Tota Pulchra Es; Remember, Holy Mary; and Saint-Saens’ Ave Maria.

The evening was a reminder of the joyfulness we experience as Catholics and Legionaries who seek Jesus through Mary.  This musical offering was an example of the beauty of our Catholic heritage.  It was very prayerful and inspirational.  It provided hope for the future of our music tradition by the example of these three beautiful young voices who love to bring the hymns and chants of the Church to others.

After experiencing this prayerful and beautiful event, it was agreed by Regina Cordium that the tradition of music within the Church and the Legion should be encouraged.  It is hoped that the Praesidium will in the future host another evening of music and make it available to a greater audience.

The recorded audio from the evening is available below: