Weekly Meeting September 7, 2016

During the 134th meeting of the Regina Cordium praesidium which was held at The Montfort Spiritual Center of Bay Shore, NY; the Sorrowful Mysteries were prayed.  The Spiritual reading was taken from the Handbook page 282-283, Chapter 39 titled:  Cardinal Points of the Legion Apostolate part 2 (Infinite Patience and Sweetness Must be Lavished on a Priceless Soul).  The Allocutio was given by Father Hugh Gillespie concerning the importance of the virtue hope.  A poet once compared the virtues of faith, hope and charity to three sisters by saying that it is little Hope who holds her sisters Faith and Charity together.  Because of hope, all things are new.  As members of The Legion, with its regimentation of faith and charity, we always come together expecting to hear whatever new element may present itself.  Hope is a childlike expectancy of what is new.  We turn to Our Lady who gives birth to The One Who Is New.  We should never overlook this most important virtue.  Hope looks beyond trust.  It is more than just what we see.  Hope is a marvelous virtue that makes routine endlessly fresh and new.  The virtue of hope is well worth praying for!  The Handbook assignment is page 284-286 part 2 (Legionary Courage) from chapter 39, titled: Cardinal Points of The Legion Apostolate.  The Study assignment is Chapter 5 page 31-33, the last two sections from Our Lady and Her Legion by Father Roger Charest, SMM.  On Monday, September 12 which is Holy Name of Mary day, there will be a gathering of Legionaries at The Montfort Spiritual Center of Bay Shore to say The Rosary at 7PM.  We hope to see as many Legionaries as can make it there at 7PM.  Refreshments will follow.  Our weekly meeting will be Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 7PM.