Meeting July 13, 2016

During the 126th meeting of the Regina Cordium Praesidium, held at the Montfort Center of Bay Shore, NY , the Sorrowful myteries were prayed. The spiritual reading was taken from the Handbook page 269 -271, chapter 38 titled: The Patricians, parts 5-8 of the section titled: Some Patrician Principles. The Allocutio was read by Terri from Spiritual Director to Concilium titled: Edel Quinn and the Indwelling of the Trinity. Venerable Edel Quinn had an extraordinary devotion to the Eucharist. She stated,” Without the Eucharist what a desolation life would be.” Devotion to the Eucharist is one of the brightest jewels of Legion Spirituality. Another aspect of Edel’s interior life was the Indwelling of the Holy Trinity through grace in her soul. Together with her friend, a Carthusian nun, she read again and again the little book: “From Holy Communioon to the Blessed Trinity” by Fr. Bernadot, OP. The central theme of this book is that the Eucharist is the supreme means of enabling us to live the mystery of the Indwelling of the Trinity in our souls. Another of Edel’s favorite authors was Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity. For both Blessed Elizabeth and Edel, there was no substantial difference between the Indwelling Trinity and the reality of Heaven. Edel wrote in her spiritual notebook: “Let us ask the grace to live in realization of our life with Jesus Christ, through Mary, adoring the Trinity… Realize I am the temple of God, the dwelling place of the Trinity…Try and adore the Trinity in our souls even in the midst of worries.” Edel teaches us that the doctrine of the Trinity is not an abstraction, but can be applied to our lives in a practical, vital and energizing way. The Handbook assignment is to read page 271 -273. Our next meeting will be July 20, 2016 at 7PM.