Weekly Meeting May 11, 2016

During the 117th meeting of the Regina Cordium praesidium which was held at The Montfort Spiritual Center of Bay Shore, NY; The Luminous Mysteries were prayed.  The Spiritual reading was taken from the Handbook page 253-254, Chapter 37 titled:  Suggestions As to Works, parts 11 and 12.  The Allocutio was read by Terri from Inside The Legion of Mary by Francis J. Peffley, page 113-115,  titled:  Doing Difficult Works.  In the Handbook, emphasis is placed upon doing challenging work and this means stepping out of our comfort zones to accomplish this work.  The legion system is designed to do difficult works.  Working in pairs is a wise rule designed to encourage and protect Legionaries as they undertake difficult works for the saving of souls.  Difficult works could include visiting hospitals and nursing homes, being in contact with homeless; such as alcoholics, drug addicts and prostitutes, often in less than desirable areas,  or even visiting prisoners.  No matter what, if work needs to be done, Legionaries should attempt to undertake it!  The Handbook says the Legion must be in the forefront of the Church’s battle for souls.  We should remember that we belong to  a Church Suffering in purgatory, a Church Triumphant in heaven, and a Church Militant on Earth –  a part of which is The Legion of Mary.  Legionaries should be in the trenches, attacking the great evils of today’s society.  We should wage this war by realizing that every person is made in the image and likeness of God, has an immortal soul, and that Christ died for him or her individually.  Let us pray for the strength and courage to undertake and carry out even the most challenging works.  With the grace of Our Lady, we will persevere and accomplish great works for the salvation of souls!   The Handbook assignment is Chapter 37, page 256-257 parts 13-14.  The Study assignment is to do the Lesson 8 questions from The Montfort Fathers’ Marian Home Study.  Our next meeting will be May 18, 2016 at 7PM.