Weekly Meeting March 16, 2016

During the 109th meeting of the Regina Cordium praesidium which was held at The Montfort Spiritual Center of Bay Shore, the Luminous Mysteries were prayed.  The Spiritual reading was taken from the Handbook page 237-239 Chapter 37 Part 5 titled:  Visitation of Hospitals, Including Psychiatric Hospitals.  The Allocutio was given by Father Hugh Gillespie concerning the relatedness of the patrons of the Legion and some of the characters of Holy Week.  There are four examples he draws upon.  First, St. John the Evangelist receives Our Lady at the foot of the cross; he was the only disciple present at that time.  Second, St. Peter denied knowing Christ three times but was still following Christ.  The more we try to serve the Lord, the more the world takes us away from Him.  Third, St. Paul who saw Christ in the resurrection is a sign of renewal for us and the Church.  Knowing this should strengthen our Legion commitment as well.  Finally, St. Louis de Montfort is known as the apostle of the cross because he so believed that by our crosses in life we become closer to Jesus.  Lesson 6 of The Marian Home Study was discussed.  The Handbook assignment is Chapter 37 part 6 titled:  Work for the Most Wretched and Dejected of the Population page 240-243.  The Study assignment is Lesson 7 of  The Marian Home Study page 33-38 titled:  Mary’s Perfection of Body.  Our next meeting will be March 23, 2016 at 7PM.