Weekly Meeting July 1, 2015

The Luminous Mysteries were prayed. The Spiritual Reading was taken from the Handbook page 170-171 Chapter 28, Section 5, Parts 1-11 titled: Government of the Legion.

The Allocutio was given by Father Hugh Gillespie concerning the Holy Father’s encyclical on climate control and environmental degradation titled: Laudato Si and the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage. As Legionaries, we need to know the church’s teaching on these matters and we should look to our parish priests to help us better understand them.

The Handbook assignment is Chapter 29 page 172-173 titled: Legionary Loyalty. The Study assignment is Chapters 12 and 13, page 106-121 from Miracles on Tap by Frank Duff.

Please join us for our annual pilgrimage to Litchfield on August 29. Please check this website for more information.

Our next meeting will be July 8, 2015 at 7PM.