Pope Francis’ February Prayer Intentions

815px-Emblem_of_Vatican_City.svgThe Vatican has just released the Holy Father’s prayer intentions for the month of February.

  • The universal prayer intention is: That the Church and society may respect the wisdom and experience of older people.
  • The evangelization intention is: That priests, religious, and lay people may work together with generosity for evangelization.

Both of these speak beautifully to and about the life of the Legion of Mary.  We pray that during this month of February we may grow to truly appreciate the great treasure that we posses in the wisdom and experience of our older members and especially for those members of the Legion whose primary work involves the visitation of senior citizens.  We likewise pray that in all of our praesidia we may experience a genuine growth in our ability to work closely with our local clergy.

Mary Immaculate, Regina Cordium, pray for us!