A Very Successful Event

Twenty members of local praesidia of the Legion of Mary gathered here at the Montfort Center on Saturday, January 25, for a day of leadership formation for Legion officers.  The morning VIRTUS_LOGOsession was devoted to safe environment matters that included a refresher training with the Virtus videos and a discussion of how to effectively implement and observe the child safety policies of both the Diocese of Rockville Center and the Legion of Mary Concilium.

Legion_of_Mary_(Legio_Mariae)The afternoon session was devoted to providing a focused training session for praesidium officers.  The presentation began with a discussion of the intrinsic relationship that praesidium officerships have to the higher levels of Legion organization, especially the comitium.  Following this the nature of each of the four officer positions was discussed with special consideration being given to the place each of these positions has within the overall Legion system and how an awareness of this is necessary in order to successfully carry out the duties of that position.

Given the strong positive feedback from the participants, it was announced that we will look to provide additional opportunities for Legion members to receive this formation in the near future.